New ALPHA, BETA & DELTA Insider Xbox One Preview Update – 1711.171110-1615 – (13.11.2017) (3,6 GB)

November 12th: New Preview Alpha, BETA and DELTA build available (1711.171110-1615)

NOTE : ALPHA Users this build has the same fixes as yesterday PLUS an important update that is required hence the reason you are receiving the build!


•         If your console is in Instant-On mode and you have been selected to receive the update, it will download and install the update and reboot to standby.

•         NOTE: Once the update is available to you, you can manually begin the update by launching the Guide and navigating to All Settings > System > Updates.

•         If your console hasn’t downloaded and installed the update by 1:00 AM PST 11/13/2017 (9:00PM GMT 13/11), you will be prompted to do so at that time.

•         NOTE: This update has a shorter than usual amount of time before it becomes mandatory.


OS version released: rs3_release_xbox_dev_1711.171110-1615

Available: 6:00PM PST 11/12 (2:00AM GMT 13/11)


My Games and Apps

·         Fixed an issue when installing an update for some games caused the entire game to re-install on completion.

·         Fixed an issue with some Game Saves in which they did complete after previously playing offline.

·         Fixed an issue in which Games on external HDD that are not registered on a new console that have updates do not show in the Updates section of collection.

·         Fixed some graphical artifacts, textures, occlusion and compression for certain titles at the platform level.

·         Implemented updates to the 4k video pipeline for Netflix and key partners to support 4k VP9 video playback


·         Fixed an issue in which notifications for messaging/parties and sometimes achievements were not popping/displaying.


·         Fixed the reliability of Network Transfer between consoles on your network. This resolves cases in which the source console could not be found, or installs start then failed.

·         Fixed an issue in the HDD Profile backup feature that would fail when loading the users gamerpic.

Localization Fixes

·         Various localization fixes to the shell UI and the accessories app.

Activity Feed

·         Fixed an issue in which Videos within the activity feed pages would often appear with black video playback.

Party Chat

·         Fixed issues with Crackling audio for some users in Party Chat



·         The left and right navigation for selecting date and time during Tournament creation is currently reversed when the console language is set to Arabic or Hebrew.

·         Left and right navigation in Tournament twists is reversed when the console language is set to Arabic or Hebrew.

·         Left and right navigation in the bracket view of Tournaments is reversed when the console language is set to Arabic or Hebrew.

Avatars on Home

·         Users wishing to represent themselves as an avatar can do so by changing their settings under My profile > Customize profile > Show my avatar.


·         Narrator can stop reading large amounts of text.

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